Saturday, July 21, 2012


Dear Diary

Truthfully, she’s just waiting for the guy who will come into her life and show her that “True Love” is “Real”, someone who can deal with her mood swings and still love her, Someone who will be there for her through the toughest moments in the relationship, Someone who will love her even though she may make mistakes here and there, That guy who see’s her flaws, knows her past, accepts that she isn’t perfect, but know she’s trying her best and that’s what matters and still love her for who she is because to him she is beautiful, to him she is perfect just the way she is. She doesn’t even need perfect, she just wants someone who can stick with her through her worst of days, That one guy who respects and supports her decisions because what matters to her truly matters to him. She wants that “Long Lasting” relationship, not some guy who’s going to mess around and play with her heart or emotions because honestly she’s just tired of getting hurt time and time again. She just wants that guy that’s in the relationship to “Stay” and show her that no matter what happens “She” is “Worth It”.

I’m just sick and tired of being alone..

By love

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